Nod / Emily Robb / Pengo

Saturday, Jan 13, 2024 - 9:00 PM

Skylark Lounge

40 S. Union St. Rochester, NY 14607


Since they first began playing together in a Rochester, NY, basement, Nod has been cranking out complex funk rock with an undercurrent of noise and chaos. Members Joe Sorriero (guitar, vocals), Tim Pollard (bass), Brian Shafer (drums), and Hugh Edwards (guitar) have shown off their groove craziness on a series of self-produced albums since 1990, including two full-length releases, Nod in 1992 and 1995's I'm Around. In 1998, they released their first CD with Smells Like Records, Magnetic Anomaly, an album that seems to synthesize the styles of all of their previous releases: each song exploring different aural territories and textures. Their follow-up CD released in 1999 by Smells Like Records, Radio Giddy-Up, continues along the same vibe, with a tighter and more developed sound.
Emily Robb
Emily Robb is a Philadelphia based musician most known for her solo guitar works as well as her contributions to bands such as Astute Palate, Louie Louie and Lantern. Fall of 2023 saw her second solo release, If I Am Misery Then Give Me Company, a follow up to 2021’s How To Moonwalk, both on the Petty Bunco label and both beloved in the underground. Emily’s playing is rooted in rock ‘n’ roll but flies freely into perpetually uncharted territories. It surges within its own stratosphere, expressing a range of emotions occurring simultaneously or by taking abrupt turns. She utilizes distortion, warmth, tension and familiarity. Her playing is a ride - a sermon in the House of Guitar - with brief evocations of The Velvet Underground, Henry Flynt, and Tetuzi Akiyama’s Don’t Forget To Boogie. Emily records in her own Suddenly Studio and has recently been working on film scores. Stay tuned for her forthcoming split LP with Bill Nace on Open Mouth Records and catch her on tour this fall and winter.
Legendary, highly volatile, psych-primitive unit from the autumnal climate of upstate New York. Fondling the same clammy flesh as Sunburned Hand of The Man and No Neck Blues Band, this band of John Schoen, Jason Finkbeiner, Nuuj and Joe Tunis marry fucked-up turntable sound with acoustic (broken folk?) instrumentation, tapes and voices to dazzling effect.Saturday January 13th, 2024 9PM $5 See less

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